Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fun! iMovie

I love iMovie is really fun. The best part is that we work together sometimes is funny.
My classmates liked our video but my group can still improve. They told us we messed up a little bit while recording. Three things about my video I need to change is that we made a little of mistakes talking, make the video longer, and plan a better presentation.

I liked some of the videos of my classmates. I don't think my video wasn't the best. I video I enjoyed the most was Mari Jo's because she had a lot of information and it was funny. The advice I will give to a student that doesn't know about iMovie will be: Be patient because iMovie can be very frustrating. If someone has never read monster and they see our movie I think they will understand the book by watching my movie because it has a lot of information about the book.

If i had several weeks to make my film incredible the first thing I will do is write all the Ideas I have in a document or paper. Then pick the best Ideas. After I should put everything together in a iMovie and edit it. At the end when everything is put together it will look great.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Math Class Dot-To-Dot Project

In my math class for Dot to Dot we are doing Career day. For this project students will be able to pick three careers that they enjoy and relates to their Renzulli profile about them. After picking three careers of their choice they will find out about it and ask themselves the following questions:
What is this job like? | How do you get ready? | How much does this job pay? | How many jobs are there? | What about the future? | Are there other jobs like this? | Where can you find more information?
After Answering the questions for three careers, our teacher, Ms. Sa will pick a career for us that we will have to re-search about. Then we make a list of questions that we have about the career. Then we have to try answering those questions about our career. All of this information that we find we will put it together in a document at the end we will get graded.