Monday, April 27, 2009

Dot to Dot: Saturday at school! :)

On Saturday April 25th 2009 in CIS 339 we had a special Dot to Dot class. Some of the students that came were learning how to create a video and add cool effects to it. We were doing this because of Dot to Dot. Many classes in our school are doing videos, so some of us wanted to learn ahead of time to help others and the teachers that still don't know how to make or upload a video. In this class I learned a lot. It was so cool; the effects and the sounds. The best of thing of all was that Mr. Ackerman was our teacher which made it even funnier! We made a video that we called "Electrocuted". It was pretty funny because Mr. Ackerman was "being" electrocuted. To make this video as cool as it sounds we used sound effects and video effects. Dot to dot is getting more exciting than ever. I can't wait until my class starts to work on the projects. This is the best project a school has ever done! This helps us in many ways. Also we get to show the whole work all of our work and all the effort we put into it.

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